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Gill Gervais
A Wall of Hate (Made in USA) – The Book
Not a novel
Not entertainment
A Wall of Hate presents a serious evaluation of the present worldwide crisis, the history of its development from the beginning, and some suggestions for personal and collective changes that would be required to restore our planet and eco-system back to a relative state of health.

George Orwell’s novel 1984 probably was probably not written with the view of providing an operation manual for future modern governments but he was probably right: you can fool and control all of the people all of the time and make freedom something one can only remember while being forced into total obedience to a self-appointed master.

Without trying to sound alarmist, most of us now realize that the state of our environment and the current political cesspool will not permit us to continue in the direction we are now heading which seems to be irreversible, without serious consequences. We are now facing the possibility that our planet in a not so distant future may become uninhabitable for millions of us and perhaps, all of humanity.
It is clear that we are now looking for and are in great need of answers beyond the scope of religion or science. We have to look beyond the narrow limits of our present institutions, be they government, civil or religious. The first part of this book is dedicated to an understanding of our present situation. It takes you on the incredible journey humanity took in the last century. It looks at the causes and effects of our actions since the dawning of the industrial era and the basic nature of the crisis we are now facing. What is now called climate change may not be solely the result of our own actions but, also of some cycles the planet is going through at this time. This factor should also be carefully examined. The latter part deals with the present state of our evolution and presents some of the possible remedies we could apply to eventually clean up our home, starting with the reformation of our political systems. It also looks into the principal cause of the crisis which could be the result of our present lack of morality and social consciousness. People have abandoned the churches but did not replace the void with anything except perhaps overconsumption, greed, the pursuit of control, or power where money has become our new focal point. In a lot of ways, fiat money which also requires faith and acceptance with no tangible value except a worthless piece of paper or a few pixels on a computer acts as a new religion also controlled by the few and accepted on faith by the multitudes.
It is now a widely accepted fact that both planet Earth and Humanity now stand at a turning point that will determine the future of both. Since the publication of this book, a lot of earth-shaking events have taken place and, while some view them as an ultimate threat to democracy and social structure, they could be a blessing in disguise that will accelerate and force upon us the urgently needed changes we need to make within our systems and also within ourselves for personal and collective transformation. Without judging the present situation in good or in bad with COVID, it certainly had the effect of reducing our carbon footprint in a relatively short period of time. This indicates that we are capable of effecting drastic changes in our habits and way of life, but will make then only when we are forced to.
The next few months are crucial to the future of our planet and especially America where the implementation of a total dictatorship is not only a remote possibility but almost an accomplished fact at the present time.

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