Author Bio

Gill Gervais, now eighty years old, does not fit well within groups of his own chronological age. As he says himself, “I never acted my age anyway.”

A former commercial pilot/flight instructor, still enjoying hitting the sky as a private pilot, enjoying near perfect health and performing tasks normally performed by people half his age. Chopping wood, working with the tractor and gardening are some of his daily routines that keep him in good physical shape.

A colorful character serving in many organizations, some considered esoteric, and an eternal student of the laws that govern the universe.

Author of many articles for various publications, worked as a reporter for a large daily newspaper while publishing special articles weekly, author of a book called Earth Fights Back published in 2015.

He is ready to face the attacks that will surely come after the publication of this book and ready for the jokes about his age and second childhood.

Married for 51 years to Suzanne, father of three children and called grandpa by 8 young people.

Most people his age are traveling and enjoying their retirement but, as he says, “I cannot keep silent when the amazon is burning, and our social structure is in a state of complete chaos.”